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Break it Down Boston 2014- UC “Awakening Medley”

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I’m such a derp. That is all. 

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I think one of the things about Harvard is that people here can be extremely selfish of their time. Time is more precious than gold. It’s something you can never get back. How you spend your time now can affect your future. Blah. Blah. Blah. Day in. Day out. We’re just chasing after one achievement after another, to raise ourselves upon some glorified pedestal that will come crashing with someone else’s next great accomplishment. 

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I really hate how focused we all are sometimes. Not just at Harvard or college, but just in general. We’re so focused on ourselves. Such ego. 

In particular, it really bothered me that we’re willing to sacrifice another person’s well-being for the sake of our pset, our studies, our response paper, our time. I include myself in this category. It’s ridiculous that we can tell ourselves, “I can’t deal with this person right now. I need to worry about myself.” 

In light of recent occurrences, this has become glaringly obvious. When a friend is in trouble, it’s a little concerning when you hear others or yourself say/think, “I can’t think about that now. I need to study.” What? Why have we become so selfish, disciplined to such an extreme. 

When is enough finally enough? When will we start to value life, humanity, and love over this unending pursuit towards success. It’s not at all that success and working hard are irrelevant or unimportant. But man…what a cost…

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Anonymous asked: Is going to harvard the best decision you've ever made

No it is not.

In the grand scheme of life, that would really suck if a decision that really only spans 4 years of my life could be defined as “the best.” At least I’m hoping that the future calls for opportunities to make other positive decisions. 

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Funny how much changes in a year…

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To anyone awaiting college decisions today/tomorrow- don’t stress out. College is overrated.

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So turn around you’re not too far
To back away be who you are
To change your path go another way
It’s not too late, you can be saved
If you feel depressed with past regrets
The shameful nights hope to forget
Can disappear, they can all be washed away

By the one who’s strong, can right your wrongs
Can rid your fears dry, all your tears
And change the way you look at this big world
He will take your dark distorted view
And with His light, He will show you truth
And again you’ll see through the eyes of a little girl